इजरायलमा न्हु: दँ नेपाल संवत् ११४३ तथा म्ह पूजाको अवसरमा सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम गर्दै         नेपाल तामाङ घेदुङ इजरायलको आठौं आदिवेशन हुदै         इजरायलमा मणिपूजा प्रवचन कार्यक्रम हुदै         इजरायलमा मंगोलियन हार्ट लाईभ कन्सर्ट सम्पन्न,राजु लामालाई दोसाल्ला ओढाएर सम्मान         लोकप्रिय गायक राजु लामा सहित मंगोलियनहार्टका कलाकारहरु इजरायल आईपुगे         इजरायलमा महाकबि सिद्धीदास महाजूको १५५ औ जन्म जयन्तीको अबसरमा साहित्यिक कार्यक्रम हुदै         नेपाल तामाङ घेदुङ बहराईनको ५ औं अधिवेशनबाट अध्यक्षमा श्रवण बम्जन तामाङ चयन         भोजपुर सेवा समाज इजरायलको छैठौ साधारणसभाबाट अध्यक्षमा सुमिन पाख्रिन तामाङ चयन         इजरायलमा २८ औ विश्व आदिवासी दिवस भव्यताको साथ मनाउने         इजरायलमा हरितालिका तिज मेघा महोत्सव २०७९ सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम हुदै         नेपाल मगर संघ शाखा इजरायलको अध्यक्षमा सुर्य बहादुर राना मगर चयन         प्रवासी नेपाली मंच इजरायलको अध्यक्षतामा ज्योती शर्मा चयन         इजरायलमा मङ्गोलियन हार्ट ब्याण्ड सहित लाइभ कन्सर्ट हुदै         ह्योल्मो समाज इजरायलको १६ औं बार्षिकोत्सव तथा नवौं साधारण सभा हुदै         इजरायलमा गठबन्धन सरकार ढल्यो, लापिड कामचलाउ प्रधानमन्त्री बन्ने        

तपाईं अहिले World News सम्बन्धी खबरहरु हेर्दै हुहुन्छ |

Israel:Two policemen are accused of robbing hundreds of thousands of shekels

Two policemen are accused of robbing hundreds of thousands of shekels at gunpoint at a gunpoint in Tel Aviv. The money was not located, and the victims say: “Police in Nepal may steal people’s money, but here in Israel?” The wretchedness is evident in every corner of the building at 98 Levinsky Street in south Tel Aviv. The faces of the visitors are greeted by a smell of urine, drunken

Iran official: Tel Aviv, Haifa ‘will be razed’ if Israel attacks

Tel Aviv – Ali Shirazi, senior aide to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, retorts to PM Netanyahu’s threats at Yad Vashem ceremony, says ‘If Israel gives excuses to Iran, Tel Aviv, Haifa will be destroyed.’ The Iranian Supreme Leader’s envoy to the elite Quds Force unit said on Thursday that Tehran could destroy Israel and warned it to avoid any “stupid” measure against the Islamic Republic, the semi-official Fars news

Israel solemnly remembers 6 million victims on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Nationwide sirens sound at 10 a.m., kicking off ceremonies throughout the country; President Rivlin leads ‘March of the Living’ at Auschwitz Israel came to a standstill at 10 a.m. Thursday as sirens wailed throughout the country in memory of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis during World War II. Buses and cars halted on streets and highways as Israelis stepped out of their vehicles and stood with heads

Syria: If war breaks out, Israel will lose the most

Assad adviser says Russia, Iran, Hezbollah working with Syria to prepare for war. Syrian MP says he ‘doesn’t believe’ Trump will attack. Syrian political and media adviser Bouthaina Shaaban warned that the Syrian government is preparing for war following Israel’s alleged strike on the country’s Homs-area military base. Speaking to al-Mayadeen, Shaaban noted that Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah are working together with Syria on the preparations. She threatened that if

Iran establishes new military base in Syria

Iran has gained another foothold in Syria by establishing a permanent military base outside Damascus, according to a report by Fox News, despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s repeated warnings that Israel will not allow any Iranian military entrenchment in the war-torn country. Western intelligence officials, the report says, say that the base contains hangars used to stockpile missiles “capable of hitting all of Israel.” Satellite pictures taken by ImageSat International

19-year-old preparing for UPSC gang-raped in Bhopal for 3 hours

india: For three hours, a 19-year-old college girl was tied up and raped by four men, who took breaks for tea and gutka before returning to assault her repeatedly under a bridge in the heart of Bhopal. What happened after the rapists let her go was no less horrifying. Three police stations refused to take her complaint — although both her parents are in police — and a GRP officer

Relationship Between Foreign Workers in Israel: Not Allowed Says Authority

When you are working abroad, it is common knowledge that homesickness and loneliness will eventually take a toll on you primarily because you are thousand miles away from your loved ones.It is an open secret that sometimes, you’ll find someone who could somehow gives you relief from being lonely and depressed. Relationships between foreign workers are common anywhere. Even in the middle east where some countries do not even allow




रोचक खबर

अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय कलाकार मंच इजरायल शाखाको अध्यक्षमा युनिका गुरुङ चयन

तेलअविव - अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय कलाकार मंच इजरायल शाखाको १०औं वार्षिकोत्सव तथा साधारण सभा सम्पन्न भएको छ ।संस्थाका... बाँकी यता

tamang online / June 20, 2022

चलचित्र कबड्डि ४ यथाशिघ्र प्रदर्शन रोक्न माग गर्दै मुद्धा दर्ता

याम्बु - चलचित्र कबड्डि ४ यथाशिघ्र प्रदर्शन रोक्न माग गर्दै सिन्धुपाल्चोक जिल्ला, लिसन्खुपाखर गाउँपालिका... बाँकी यता

tamang online / June 13, 2022

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